Frequently Asked Questions...

Why another church in Barrhaven? 

A few reasons!  Barrhaven is one of the fastest growing communities in Ontario, let alone Ottawa, which means that simply from a numbers perspective, many more churches in addition to Reconnect are needed to bring it into the "average" range in terms of churches per population in Canada. 

But much more important than that is a reason based on community.  Barrhaven is a great place to live that has a strong sense of community, and even in the middle of explosive growth, everyone wants to keep it that way.  We had a vision to do "neighbourhood church" - church that was a contributing part of the community, on a very local scale, that people could walk to on a Sunday morning (OK, maybe not in the winter).  Combine that conviction with the fact that many of the team that were starting Reconnect lived in Barrhaven, and we think it continues to be a great fit. 

What makes you different?

Check out the About Us section of the website to see most of what's important to us.  In some ways, we're pretty similar to most churches - we believe that God is real, He matters and He cares, we want to love God, help people and build community, and we believe that when people move Jesus into the centre of their lives that He changes everything for the better.  It's not earth-shattering, but it could be life-changing.  However, the best way to find out if there's something different than what you might expect is to join us on a Sunday morning.

What do you believe? 

That's a big question.  The short answer is, we believe that the Bible is given by God to us, our culture and our world.  As such, we desire its wisdom and teaching to shape our understanding of God, determine our values and guide our practices.  As God's faithful people have done for millennia, we want to let it speak to us, through careful and reasoned interpretation, rather than simply using it or manipulating it to say what is comfortable or easy, and so be transformed by God's power working through it. 

The longer answer (the one with the bigger words) is found here

I'm not really sure about God.  Do you mind if I come? 

Not only do we not mind, but you're a big part of why we meet together. Often, people who believe in God don't challenge each other enough. We grow complacent. We stop thinking, or at least, we slow down. Atheists, agnostics, doubters, those who have been burned in the past, and others who don't toe the party line are welcome to be part of our community for as long or as short as you like.

What do you do for your community?

As a new church, we're working at finding ways to make a contribution to the vibrant community life Barrhaven already enjoys.  Up to now we've looked for those groups that have been doing great work and tried to help - anything from face-painting to gift-wrapping and decorating Easter eggs. 

We also want to build community and practically demonstrate God's love within our Chapman Mills neighbourhood, and so we're working at doing that in baby steps, by giving away wrapping paper at Christmas, fridge notepads throughout the year, and by holding block parties during the summer.  We've also adopted Burnett Park - a little outside our neighbourhood, but a beautiful spot in its own right.

As we grow, we look forward to finding and making the most of opportunities to do more.

What can I expect on a Sunday morning?

Hopefully, a place where you will feel welcomed, regardless of your background (or lack of) with regards to church.  Come dressed as you'd like - we tend to be pretty comfortable/casual.  If you have kids under 7, there's a supervised program just for them, which you are welcome to use.  Each week, we have a theme that we look at, which will be introduced near the beginning of the service.  We'll have some live music from our band.  We'll listen to a reading from an understandable version of the Bible.  Generally there's a video clip, although there might be some discussion or sketch comedy.  There will be a grocery deal of the week (you'll have to experience that for yourself!) and some other announcements as to what's going on.   Then, we'll take a 10 minute break, where you can refill your coffee, grab a cookie and get to know some of the people around you with some good conversation.  Finally, we come back in for a roughly half-hour presentation, designed to be informative and thought-provoking, that (hopefully!) will weave together the different elements throughout the morning.  The whole thing generally wraps up in about 80 minutes, and you're welcome to stay longer to chat or help clean up if you'd like!  

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Sundays: 10:30 am

Mother Teresa High School

440 Longfields Drive,


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